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The Carbon Corner - Issue #34

Published about 1 year ago • 4 min read

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Petra Energy to Develop World's Largest CCS Project

In a major development for the global fight against climate change, Petra Energy has secured a significant hook-up and commissioning (HUC) contract for the world's largest offshore carbon capture and storage (CCS) project. The project aims to reduce carbon emissions by capturing and storing CO2 from offshore production facilities.

Petra Energy's expertise and track record in HUC activities played a crucial role in winning the contract, which will involve connecting and commissioning various infrastructure components of the CCS project. The offshore CCS project represents a significant step towards achieving net-zero emissions, as it combines carbon capture technology with offshore oil and gas production.

NYC Skyscrapers Embrace Carbon Capture to Combat Climate Change

In an ambitious move to combat climate change, New York City's iconic skyscrapers are embracing carbon capture technology. With its dense urban landscape and high concentration of emissions, NYC has long been a hotbed for innovative sustainability solutions. The city's real estate developers are now incorporating carbon capture systems into their skyscrapers, aiming to significantly reduce the buildings' carbon footprint. By capturing and storing carbon dioxide emissions produced by these towering structures, New York City is taking a proactive approach to tackle climate change head-on.

These carbon capture systems work by utilizing specialized materials to trap CO2 from the building's exhaust streams. The captured carbon can then be either stored underground or used for various industrial applications. The incorporation of such technologies in skyscrapers not only helps reduce emissions but also serves as a demonstration of the city's commitment to a greener future. The initiative aligns with NYC's ambitious goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.

By implementing carbon capture in their buildings, New York City developers are pioneering a new standard for sustainable urban architecture. The move also sets an example for other major cities worldwide, encouraging them to explore similar carbon capture initiatives.

Danish Carbon Capture Hub Gains Momentum with Significant Contract Award

Exciting progress is being made in Denmark's efforts to establish a carbon capture hub, as a major contract has been awarded to advance the project. The Danish Energy Agency has selected a consortium consisting of leading industry players to carry out crucial feasibility studies for the hub. This significant step brings Denmark closer to its goal of becoming a carbon-neutral nation by 2050. The carbon capture hub aims to capture and store CO2 emissions from multiple industrial sources, effectively reducing greenhouse gas emissions and supporting the country's sustainable transition.

The consortium, comprising prominent companies in the energy and engineering sectors, will conduct in-depth studies to assess the technical and economic feasibility of the hub. The project is expected to play a pivotal role in developing the necessary infrastructure and technologies for large-scale carbon capture and storage (CCS) solutions. By collaborating with various industries, including power generation, cement production, and waste incineration, the hub aims to create a comprehensive system for CO2 reduction.

Rapid Evolution of CO2 Transport and Storage Market, says Northern Lights Director

The Director of the Northern Lights project, which focuses on CO2 transport and storage, highlights the rapid evolution of the market in a recent statement. The project aims to establish a comprehensive infrastructure for capturing and storing CO2 emissions, contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. According to the Director, the market for CO2 transport and storage is experiencing significant advancements and growth, driven by increased awareness of climate change and the need for sustainable solutions.

The Northern Lights project, based in Norway, plays a crucial role in the development of the market by providing the necessary infrastructure for transporting and storing captured CO2. The project's success is attributed to its collaborative efforts with various stakeholders, including industry players, governments, and research institutions. The Director emphasizes the importance of building a robust and efficient market to ensure the scalability and viability of carbon capture and storage (CCS) technologies.

Exxon Sets 2025 Deadline for Carbon Capture and Storage in Bass Strait

In a significant commitment to combating climate change, Exxon has announced plans to implement carbon capture and storage (CCS) in Bass Strait by 2025. The project aims to capture CO2 emissions from Exxon's operations in the region and store them underground, effectively reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This move aligns with Exxon's broader strategy to contribute to a lower-carbon future and supports global efforts to achieve net-zero emissions.

The Bass Strait region, located off the southeastern coast of Australia, holds vast potential for carbon capture and storage. Exxon's timeline sets an ambitious goal to have the CCS infrastructure operational within just a few years. The company intends to leverage its expertise in offshore operations to develop the necessary technology and infrastructure for successful carbon capture and storage in the region.

Exxon's commitment to implementing carbon capture and storage demonstrates the energy industry's increasing recognition of the importance of sustainable practices. By setting a firm deadline for the project, Exxon is taking a proactive approach in mitigating its carbon footprint and contributing to a more sustainable energy future.

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